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Anaconda is a python distribution which contains most of the commonly used python packages in scientific computing.

Use below command to find the latest anaconda module:

module avail

Use below command to load the ananconda module:

module load anaconda_2.4

Ananconda comes with over 200 packages. Most packages which are useful for scientific computing such as matplotlib, numpy and scipy are already installed. If the package that you need is not already installed then you can install it using the pip command. For example to install packagexyz use below command. (The option --user ensures that the package is installed to a location to which you have write permission.)

pip install --user packagexyz

Some packages may require some additional steps. For example, see below link for how to install mpi4py or cutadapt.

Hyak mpi4py
Hyak mpi4py

Hyak cutadapt
Hyak cutadapt