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Below instructions are for mox.hyak. Below abc is your userid and xyz is your Hyak group.

See the section on "Install Anaconda Python" to install your own copy of Anaconda Python.

Hyak python programming

Use your own copy of Anaconda Python for the below steps.

Installing Tensorflow

Below steps are to install tensorflow using conda. (Do not use pip to install tensorflow.)

srun -p build --time=2:00:00 --mem=20G --pty /bin/bash

pip uninstall tensorflow      (This step is to uninstall any prior pip install of tensorflow.)  

conda create --name tensorflowenv

source activate tensorflowenv

conda install tensorflow


Using Tensorflow

After, the above install of tensorflow, you can use tensorflow by using the below steps:

srun -p xyz -A xyz --nodes=1   --ntasks-per-node=28 --time=2:00:00 --mem=100G --pty /bin/bash

source activate tensorflowenv


import tensorflow as tf

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