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Compute blade prices are available on the UW-IT Service Catalog. Prices are updated roughly quarterly.

In addition to this high-level view, we provide a spreadsheet with more detail, allowing you to compare Hyak alternatives with each other and with build-you-own options and with running in "the cloud". Have a look HERE. The Hyak node prices are in aqua at the top of the spreadsheet. The best columns to use for comparison are $/SpecFP and $/GB RAM.

SPECfp_Rate is a measure of compute throughput using a set of 29 science benchmarks as described HERE. For more detailed information on how your applications might perform on Hyak nodes, please review the SPECfp description and results carefully. Results for the standard Hyak nodes are available here:

All information provided here is for preliminary planning purposes only. Please contact for assistance in planning your Hyak deployment.


Groups requiring more scratch storage space than the 100GB/node they receive by default may purchase supplemental scratch storage for their exclusive use.

Customers have to choices:

1) For groups with substantial supplemental storage requirements (>= ~80TB) we can purchase and provision dedicated storage on your behalf. It will be accessible from every node in the cluster, but only members of your group will have access. Prices start at ~$50k for ~90TB, tuned for sequential access. Deployments in the petabyte range are supported. Storage is deployed for a minimum of five years.

2) For groups requiring either less total capacity or shorter duration than five years, Hyak will soon offer the option to lease supplemental scratch storage in 1TB/year increments. The target price is < $300/TB/year. This storage is tuned for very fast performance under most conditions.

Please contact us at with "Hyak supplemental storage questions" as the message subject if you'd like more information.