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Below abc is your hyak userid and xyz is your hyak group.


(1) Get genga source code

srun  -p build --time=1:00:00 --mem=10G --pty /bin/bash

cd /gscratch/xyz/abc

mkdir gengastuff

cd gengastuff




(2) Get an interactive GPU node

See below link for how to get an interactive GPU node:


(3) Build genga on the GPU node

After you get the GPU node, use below steps to build genga:

cd /gscratch/xyz/abc/sigrimm-genga-adba669f91a6/source

module load cuda/

make SM=60


(Ignore  below messages from above command:

/bin/sh: hg: command not found

/bin/sh: hg: command not found )


(4) Run genga on the GPU node:

After building genga, use below steps to run genga




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