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Information for Users

If you would like a Hyak account, ask your node owner, typically the faculty member leading your research group or the IT director for your academic unit, to submit a request following the instructions below. If you're unsure about whether you are entitled to access to Hyak, ask the faculty member leading your research group or your college or department IT director.

If you are a student then please see below link to get access to the stf queue.

If you are not in the above two categories and would like to try out Hyak then use your UW e-mail account to send an e-mail to and request acccess to the genpool queue.

Information for Node Owners

If you own nodes on Hyak and would like to to grant access to some user then below are the required steps.

Every user of the Hyak system must have a UW NetID. If a person is not affiliated with the University of Washington and you would like them to have access to Hyak, a Sponsored UW NetID ( must be requested for that user.

Please instruct new users to read the Hyak User's WIKI, including the section on logging in, which provides instructions on getting a one-time password token and enabling their account.

If they don't have much experience with Unix systems, please have them take advantage of the online materials linked to from the WIKI.

Once the new user is ready to go, node sponsors can create the account (see Hyak Account Creation for details). Otherwise please send mail to with the subject "Hyak account request" asking that his or her account be activated. The body of the message must contain the user's UW NetID as well as the name of the node owner with whom the request is associated.

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