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We recently released Groups 2.1.5 with the following changes.

Changes to the Groups Web Service (GWS) UI include:

  • new "watch" feature for email notifications on group changes
  • new "membership dependency" feature to make group membership conditional upon the membership of another group (like uw_employee)
  • new assistant tool to apply the same operation to multiple groups

Changes to the GWS REST API include:

  • v1 resources and representations are unchanged
  • v2 representations support new "dependson" attribute

Other recent changes include:

  • UW course group memberships now updated in near real-time!!
  • improved reliability of Groups Directory (openldap) provisioning
  • integration with Tegrity Manager to manage roles in Tegrity Courses
  • new Student Major subgroups by degree level/type; by request

Note: the near real-time updates to UW course groups doesn't apply to downstream applications and infrastructure, like UW Mailman and UWWI Active Directory, that cache local copies course groups.

To log in to the GWS UI, visit:

The highest priorities for our next release include:

  • support "" or other easy location for GWS UI
  • update UWWI AD groups in real time
  • add support for GID attribute
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