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Just posted this to the group-discuss list:

Subject: GID proposal: random, immutable values, above 65, 535

Over the last year, we've had several spurty discussions about adding GIDs to UW groups to help integrate linux systems via UWWI delegated OUs.

We'd like to add this feature during our next groups 2.1.6 release, and need your feedback on the proposed strategy documented in our wiki:

In summary:

We're recommending a design based on random, immutable integer values greater than 65,535 that are assigned at the time a UW group is created.

For existing UW groups, we'll assign a random value within the allowed range.

We developed this strategy thru discussions with Kris and Matt in Statistics, as well as a few others inside and outside of UW-IT.

By October 15th, we'd apprecicate some additional eyes, scrutiny and comments on the proposal.

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