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This process involves four main steps 1) search/find auths of person you want to copy 2) download a copy of those auths to a .csv file which is in
a ‘code-ified’ format 3) update or change the data and 4) bulk-load/import the file back into ASTRA to ADD as a new set of auths.
Here's what to do to bulk-copy auths from one user to another:

From the ASTRA Search & Edit page:

  1. Search & Find the auths of the person you want to copy from (person A)
    1. Enter Person's Name, UWNetID or EID that you want to copy, click Find & Verify button.
    2. Expand the Advanced Search Options (just below the orange Search for authorizations now button).
  2. Select ASTRA role of: User (2nd bubble w/1st checkbox, in the second column).  You could also select User & Authorizer if
    needed & appropriate for the new person to have these authorizations.
  3. Optional steps:
    1. Select Application (MyFD, eProc, SAGE, EIS, etc.) if you are only looking for specific application authorization.
    2. Select Limit of Organization, enter org code or description, click Find & Verify. Repeat until all top-level orgs selected.
    3. Select Show auths ... WITHIN authority (3rd bubble - just below selected orgs).
    4. Click Search for authorizations now button.
  4. Click the Download to CSV button which will prompt you to open the file in Excel.
    Now that you have the 'code-ified' version of auths for person A that you want to copy & ADD for person B you are ready to modify that
    file, save it & upload it back into your ASTRA cart.
  5. Update the .csv file - here are the things you need to change in this file:
    1. Check & change ‘grantorUWNetID’ (columnA) to your UWNetID if not already yours, for all rows (enter once, copy-down)
    2. Change ‘granteeUWNetID’ (columnB) to Person B’s UWNetID for all rows (enter once, copy-down)
    3. Make ‘txAction’ (columnD) ADD for all rows (make sure none are UPDATE)
    4. Remove date from ‘effBegDate’ (columnH) so all entries are blank *or* put a future start-date in format of mm/dd/yyyy, ie;
    5. If there are any applications you do not want the person to have or you cannot manage (BGT, FIN & PAS-managed external to
      ASTRA via UW-IT’s Adminapp group, SIMS-centrally managed) remove those rows
    6. Make any other edits to orgs, dollar limits (socValue_2, columnM)
    7. Perform 'File, Save-As' to an easy name & easy-to-find location (desktop). MUST keep file format as .csv!
  6. Bulk-load new file of auths back into ASTRA.
    1. Click on Cart/Checkout tab.
    2. Click on ‘Show bulk import options’ link.
    3. Click Browse button, navigate to where your saved .csv file is located.
    4. Select file, click Open button. Now back from Cart/checkout page, click Import button which will load these records into your
      cart. If any kind of error is shown let me know, may need to troubleshoot from here.
    5. Click Notification & Ownership options button if you want to include a note to this person about their new auths. If their auths
      include authorization(s) that require an Entrust token device, ASTRA automatically checks to see if they already have one & if
      not a request is sent directly to UW-IT to have one issued & sent directly to the user.
    6. Click OK to return to cart.
    7. Click Check out now to finish!
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