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Here's what to do to transfer ownership:

From the ASTRA Search & Edit page:

  1. Enter current owner's Name, UWNetID or EID, click Find & Verify button.
  2. Expand the Advanced Search Options (just below the orange Search for authorizations now button).
  3. Select Authorizations 'owned' by these people (3rd bubble, in the first column).
  4. Optional steps:
    1. Select Application (MyFD, eProc, SAGE, EIS, etc.) if you are only looking for specific application authorization.
    2. Select Limit of Organization, enter org code or description, click Find & Verify. Repeat until all top-level orgs selected.
    3. Select Show auths ... WITHIN authority (3rd bubble - just below selected orgs).
  5. Click Search for authorizations now button.
  6. Select appropriate records or 'All (on this page)' (found just below the Delete, Take Ownership & Undo buttons. Hint: Increase Row
    count to fit all records on one page).
    1. Records without the checkbox and copy/edit button are not within your authority to manage. You'll either need to obtain authority
      or contact an Authorizer.
  7. Click Take Ownership button. Selected records will reflect the update be placed in your cart for completion.
  8. Click on Cart/Checkout tab or link at top of page within update message.
  9. Click on Ownership & notification options button.
    1. Include a note to these users (i.e.; only change in ownership, otherwise remains unchanged).
    2. If transferring ownership to someone other that yourself, Enter the Name, UWNetID or EID of the new owner, click Find & Verify.
    3. Click OK to return to cart.
  10. Click Check out now to finish!
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