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The following table lists the current source populations in the Identity Registry. (Last reviewed 9/27/2019)

Source CodeSource NameSource SystemDescriptionRelated Affiliation Groups
0ProfileUser/Identity.UWPreferred name, directory publishing preferences, account recovery optionsn/a
1UW Human ResourcesWorkdayFaculty, staff, student employees, and affiliate employeesmany
2UW StudentsSDB
  • UW undergraduate, graduate, and professional students
  • Continuum College students
  • Student applicants
3UW Medicine AccountPUMA
(migrating to new system)
  • UW Medicine workforce
  • UW Medicine affiliates
  • uw_affiliation_uw-medicine-workforce
  • uw_affiliation_uw-medicine-affiliate

Identity records underlying:

  • Sponsored UW NetIDs
  • Shared UW NetIDs
  • Admin UW NetIDs
  • Temp UW NetIDs
  • Group IDs
  • Mailman lists
5Testn/aUsed for internal testing purposes only.n/a
6Sponsored IdentitiesID Reg/UW NetIDCreated for identities sponsored via API. Plan to eventually move all sponsored records out of source 4 to source 6.n/a
(migrating to new system)

All persons of interest to UW Advancement, e.g.,

  • Alumni
  • UW employees
  • Donors and prospects
  • uw_affiliation_alumni
  • uw_affiliation_alumni-association-members
8CascadiaActive Directory
  • Cascadia faculty and staff
  • Cascadia students
  • uw_affiliation_cascadia-user
  • uw_affiliation_cascadia-employee
  • uw_affiliation_cascadia-student
(migrating to new system)
  • All SCCA personnel
  • Opt-in FHCRC personnel
  • uw_affiliation_scca-affiliate
  • uw_affiliation_scca-employee
  • uw_affiliation_fhcrc-employee
  • uw_affiliation_fhcrc-affiliate
10HEAL-WAWashington DOH
  • Washington licensed healthcare providers
  • Integration supported by the Department of Health and the UW Health Sciences Library


11OEAOEA databaseTest takers in the Office of Educational Assessmentn/a
12UW PhysiciansADP
(admin staff migrated to UW on January 1, 2021)
  • UW Physicians providers

Previously included UWP admin staff, population was moved to Workday

  • uw_affiliation_uwp-provider
13UW Neighborhood ClinicsADPWas UW Neighborhood Clinics staff, population moved to Workday

there are no UWNC affiliation groups as of 1/1/2021

14Northwest HospitalUltiPro
(migrated to UW on January 1, 2020.)
  • Northwest Hospital staff
  • Not Northwest Hospital providers
NWH has now migrated to UW, there are no NWH affiliation groups as of 1/1/2020
15My UW GivingAdvance
(migrating to new system)

Donors that use a streamlined process to obtain UW NetIDs

Duplicates source 7 records after My UW Giving application creates source 15 record.


16GoogleGoogleGoogle users registered by MyPlann/a
17FacebookFacebookFacebook users registered by MyPlann/a
18Valley Medical CenterValley HR system
  • VMC staff
  • VMC providers
19Family Med ResidentsNew Innovations
(migrating to new system)
UW Family Medicine residency program
  • uw_affiliation_wwami-medical-resident
20Internal Med ResidentsProvidence HR systemProvidence Spokane Internal Medicine residency program
  • uw_affiliation_wwami-medical-resident
  • No labels