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This page documents predefined viewer control and sender control settings for institutional groups activated for use in UW Google Apps.

Note: this page assumes some familiarity with Institutional Groups and business needs related to UW Google Apps Group Sharing.

Google Settings

The following table summarizes current viewers and senders in UW Google Apps for various types of institutional groups.


Course GroupsNo oneAny account in UW Google Apps
Student Major GroupsNo oneNo one
Student Minor Groupsundefinedundefined
Curriculum Groupsundefinedundefined
Employee Groups No oneAny account in UW Google Apps
Affiliation GroupsNo oneNo one
Job Class GroupsMembers onlyNo one
Legacy UW-IT (u_cac) Groupsundefinedundefined

Note: settings are undefined for some types of institutional groups; until a value is defined and implemented, these institutional groups can't be activated for use in UW Google Apps.

Questions? Email including "institutional groups" and "google settings" somewhere in the subject or body of your message.


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