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The following errors may be produce the the Groups Service browser interface.  This document does not address errors related to the Groups Web Service REST API.  

Sorry, you do not have permission to access the groups service.

A UW NetID must be a member of the "uw_member" group to access the groups service.  This error is most often encountered when trying to access the groups service with a shared UW NetID.  The error is sometimes encountered when certain types of UW affiliates try to access the groups service.  


Ensure that you are accessing the groups service using your personal UW NetID and not a shared account.  If you are a UW affiliate and need access to the Groups Service browser interface with your UW NetID, please send email to with the subject "Grant access to groups service browser UI for NetID without uw_member" and describe your needs. 

A parent group does not exist.

With the release of Groups 2.2 software (Feb, 2018) we added the requirement that a parent group stem must be created prior to creating sub-groups.  For example, before creating the group uw_it_all the group uw_it needs to exist first.  We added this requirement to align with the current best practice of creating a chain of authority along the entire group stem.  Please see the UW Group Naming Plan for a full explanation.


Prior to this release, the groups service created “phantom groups” that served as parent stems but didn’t exist as groups. Today these “phantom” groups are no longer created.  To mitigate error messaging and difficulties creating new parent stem groups reported by our customers, our engineering team is working on a solution to find all “parent-less” group stems and then create them.

In the meantime, if you encounter this error you’ll need to determine what the missing parent stem is and add it via the Groups Services web page.  If you need assistance finding the missing parent stems please send an email to with the subject "Need assistance with parent group stems".  If you are an API customer or have a large number of groups to update please email and we will assist you with customizing an immediate solution.

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