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The current design of the UW Groups Service supports the following features:

  • user-friendly web interface with "My Groups", "Find Groups", "Create a group", "Favorites", "Preferences", "Watches", and keyboard shortcuts
  • programmable REST API to create, read, update, and delete group data
  • delegated model of management authority for assigning permissions to others
  • structured, hierarchical namespace based on UW Group IDs that uniquely identify groups
  • flexible access controls for group administrators, membership managers, and subgroup creators
  • enhanced (2-factor login) security for managing critical groups and viewing confidential memberships
  • group memberships based on UW NetIDs, UW Group IDs, Federated IDs, DNS names (to represent X.509 certificates), and UWWI computers
  • group memberships that depend on and are constrained by membership in another "membership dependency group"
  • opt-in and opt-out permissions to allow members to join and leave groups on their own, respectively
  • self-service home group creation based on organizational short names in UW DNS, or based on personal and shared UW NetIDs
  • group history information for reviewing changes and membership updates
  • multiple group assistant to apply the same operation to multiple groups 
  • group data classification according to APS 2.6 and criteria for UW Data Classification
  • real-time synchronization with UW Windows Infrastructure for group use in UW Exchange, SharePoint, and via UWWI Active Directory
  • application integration via standard Windows, REST/HTTP, LDAP, and SAML protocols
  • web server integration for access control by UW Group ID on UW-IT's central web servers
  • institutional data integration supporting well-managed Institutional Groups based on course, major, employment, and affiliation.
  • data integration from ASTRA for current authorizations by application role
  • UW Shibboleth Identity Provider integration for federated access management via isMemberOf attributes
  • integration with Catalyst Web Tools (WebQ, QuickPoll, Collect It, CommonView, GoPost, ShareSpaces, etc.)
  • integration with UW Google Apps to support document, site, and calendar sharing, as well as UW-IT Online Portfolios
  • integration with Tegrity Manager to manage roles and access to Tegrity Courses
  • integration with UW Mailman to Synchronize Groups with Mailman Lists

  • local Groups JIRA for reporting, finding, watching, and voting on issues (bugs, features, etc.) - in limited use