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Add a member


  • PUT| (root)/group/{group_id}/member/{member_id}
  • PUT| (root)/group/{group_id}/member/{member_id},{member_id},...

The group_id can be a group name (cn) or a regid.
A set of members can be specified with a comma-separated list.

GWS tries to guess the type of identifier you enter. You may express the type specifically using a type preface.

  • u: UWNetID
  • e: ePPN
  • g: group id
  • d: DNS name
  • w: UWWI computers

For example, u:spud_123 is a UWNetID, whereas g:spud_123 is a group name.



Member(s) added


If-None-Match header matches group's ETag


Not authorizied


Group not found


  • The response will be 404 only if the group is not found. If one or more members are not found, or if they are not in the dependency group, the response will be 200 and a class="notfoundmembers"element will be included, containing one "notfoundmember" element for each bogus member.

      <span class="notfoundmembers">
        <span class="notfoundmember">member_id</span>
  • The response always includes an ETag header, which can be used on subsequent GETs.