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Setname: change an id for a PDS subject

Setname is an identity maintenance operation that changes a user's uwnetid without changing the underlying account uuid. Although GWS uses the uuid as group member and owner it still needs to be made aware of setnames, to:

  1. update its PDS cache of uuid and uwnetid (uw_pds);
  2. change the memberships and ownerships in the LDAP directory; and
  3. notify other dependent directories of the name change.


  • PUT| (root)/setname/?oldid={old_netid}&newid={new_netid}
  1. This resource is PUT only.
  2. This resource is available to certificate clients.
  3. If the old netid is already marked as abandoned, in the cache, the PUT has no effect.



old netid was already abandoned


setname successful


no authorization


old netid not found