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This page documents our essential work as a set of business capabilities, processes, and activities we coordinate with customers and users.

Identity Registration &
Account & Credential ManagementAccess AdministrationProvisioning & IntegrationAccess
Reporting &
"Help me register people affiliated with the university to participate in online activities.""Give me and my users trustworthy identification to use online.""Help me manage how I enable and disable access to my resources.""Help me integrate with identity services and orchestrate processes to provision data and access.""Help me authenticate and authorize users as they access my resources and make online transactions.""Give me reports and activity data I can analyze to make decisions and manage risk."

What we do:

  • Enable customers to register affiliated individuals and communities with the UW
  • Coordinate identity registration processes across user populations 
  • Broker conversations with subject matter experts about privacy disclosure statements and consent to use identity data
  • Integrate identity data from identity registration authorities
  • Match, de-duplicate, and link identity records across identity registration sources
  • Assign and manage unique registration identifiers (uwRegID, uwPriorRegID)
  • Master core person attributes (name, contact info, privacy preferences)
  • Enable integration & use of identity data in accordance with governing policies
  • Log activity

What we do:

  • Enable customers to create and manage UW NetIDs

  • Enable customers to sponsor UW NetIDs
  • Issue UW NetID accounts and credentials

  • Issue security tokens (Entrust tokens)

  • Provide different account types (e.g. personal, admin, temporary, shared, application)

  • Define and manage UW NetID password policy

  • Log activity

What we do:

  • Enable customers to discover and request access
  • Enable customers to approve, review, update, and remove access
  • Enable customers to delegate and distribute authority
  • Enable customers to invite users to register for access
  • Provision reference groups based on institutional data
  • Log activity

What we do:

  • Enable customers to integrate applications with IAM solutions
  • Document and support application integration options
  • Broker conversations with subject matter experts about data sharing agreements
  • Enable participation in identity federations (e.g. InCommon)
  • Log activity

What we do:

  • Provide consistent, recognizable login interfaces for user authentication
  • Verify (authenticate) account credentials provided by users
  • Respond to application requests to authenticate users
  • Respond to application requests for access data
  • Define and manage default single sign-on settings
  • Enable transparency and user-consent in data sharing
  • Log activity

What we do:

  • Enable reporting on logged activities and trends
  • Enable real-time analysis of activity data
  • Support review of user activity and detection of anomalous activity
  • Use information to manage risk and make decisions
  • Use information to improve accountability and transparency
  • Use information to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Log activity


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