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UW-IT’s Identity Registration service collects, stores, and manages identity profiles so that UW faculty, staff, students, applicants, researchers, and members of affiliated organizations can establish a single identity at the UW, manage their personal settings, and obtain login credentials, such as UW NetIDs.

Service Options

  • Manage your personal identity profile: Establish and update your preferred name and directory publishing preferences.
  • Sponsor identity registration for an individual: Employees can sponsor individuals that are not a member of a registered population.
  • Request identity registration for a new source population: Organizations that establish a relationship with the UW can request an integration with the Identity Registry in order to programmatically manage identity data for their members.
  • Request access to the Identity Registration Web Service: Applications can use a REST API to programmatically register individuals and query for updated records upon change notification.
  • Subscribe to notifications for identity updates: Applications can receive notifications via Amazon Simple Notification Service when identity records change.
  • Request an identity data export: Application owners can request file exports from the Identity Registry to maintain current identity data about their users.

General Concepts

  • The UW RegID
  • Identity Matching and Joining
  • Correcting Data Errors

Information for Developers and System Integrators

Identity Registry Interfaces

Environments and Release Process

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