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The Pdsentry resource is only available to internal enterprise-level services.

Read a Record (GET)

You can read a source record with the following HTTP request:

GET {baseurl}/pdsentry/{regid}

where {baseurl} is the base URL for the service and {regid} is the regid  for this record.  No payload is required, and it will be ignored if provided.

Searching for a Record

You can search for a record within a resource by executing a GET operation as follows:

GET {baseurl}/pdsentry/validid={source}={validid}

Where {baseurl} is the base URL for the service, {source} is the source identifier to search, and {validid} is the identifier to search for.  The following sources are supported for searching–note they do not necessarily correspond to source names in other resources:

  • lname
  • regid
  • employeeid
  • studentid
  • uwnetid
  • sdb


The search syntax for the pdsentry resource is not consistent with other resources. There are legacy/interoperability reasons for this.




Search by employeeid
Get Record by regid
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