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This document describes the different resources available through the social source.  




The social resource supports several source record types.  A source record is information that describes a part of an overall identity (e.g. for a social identity registration, the google source record would contain the information associated with the registered google account, and the facebook source record would contain the information associated with the registered facebook account).  The source records are described here:

Source Record Type
Record Identifier
Institutional Identifier
Identifier FormatIdentifier Format Example
Google AccountgoogleGoogle social identityLow-assurance Google social identity21 digit number789789789789789789789
Facebook AccountfacebookFacebook social identityLow-assurance Facebook social identityURI string



IRWS Social Attributes describes all the attributes of the Person resource, as well as which attributes must be defined when performing certain operations (create, update, etc.) on a record.  



Note:  Your application may not be authorized for all of these actions.  

Creating, Updating, or Reading a Record (PUT)

The social resource only supports one method for creating, updating, and reading a record:  PUT.  You obtain your user's data from their social login, and must submit it to the registry to receive a response.  If the data you submit is different from the existing data, the existing data will be overwritten. In other words, the Social resource uses the -imprecise and -reflect options by default.

You can create, update, or read a source record with the following HTTP request:

PUT {baseurl}/social/{recordidentifier}/{identifier}

where {baseurl} is the base URL for the service, {recordidentifier} is the IRWS record type from the list of sources, and {identifier} is the institutional identifier for this record.  A JSON payload with the appropriate attributes is required.

Details on parameters and schemas are available in the API Specification.  

IRWS does not support unicode! You must convert your user's data to ASCII text. (See Attribute Descriptions for more information on Attributes and required keys).

Other Operations

Only the operations documented above are available at this time.  

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