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You can use Identity.UW to set a preferred name that will be displayed in certain UW systems.  In the future, Identity.UW will allow you to manage other identity data and privacy preferences.  


When you set a preferred name through Identity.UW, it will be used by the UW Directory and other applications that integrate preferred name data.  


Preferred names are stored in the UW Identity Registry.  From there they are published to the following directories, systems, and applications:

In the future, preferred names may be integrated into other service such as:

  • UW Office 365
  • UW Windows Infrastructure
  • UW Sharepoint

Preferred name is also displayed by certain applications that use a UW NetID login. Traditionally, application owners have decided if they need to use legal names or preferred name or both. UW-IT doesn't maintain a list of which applications use which kind of name. If you have questions or concerns about the name an application is displaying, please contact the application owner or  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why doesn't my preferred name show up in a certain application?

A:  The easiest way to find out is to ask the team that maintains the application. Some common reasons include:

  • The application automatically stored your name sometime in the past and hasn't updated it.  
  • The application has no way to automatically update your name.
  • The application requires your legal name to meet administrative or regulatory requirements.  
  • The application has not been programmed to display your preferred name.  

Application Developers

If you're an application developer and want to understand how name data flows across UW systems, please email  UW-IT  is committed to helping developers understand name data flows and how to choose and use the most appropriate kind of name data for their users and business processes. 

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