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Protecting UW web sites with a UWCA certificate and asking users or workstation admins to install the UWCA root certificate in users' browsers is discouraged. Web sites should use InCommon certificates for web sites. The InCommon root certificate is already installed in all recent browsers. See UW Certificate Services for more information.

However, there may be some cases where getting the UWCA root certificate in a browser is still necessary. If you find yourself in one of those unusual circumstances follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the UWCA root certificate.
  2. Copy and paste it into a file and save the file.
  3. Import the file to make the root certificate available to the browser.
    1. Steps vary by browser, operating system, and between browser version upgrades.
    2. You'll need to search for specific instructions for your browser. Or ask your workstation support staff.
    3. You'll import the root certificate file into the operating system or browser certificate store using those specific instructions.
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