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Establishing DNS names and official UW NetID contacts is a common prerequisite for accessing many UW infrastructure services, web services, and applications. In some cases, these services are provided only to registered DNS contacts with UW NetIDs. In other cases, use of these services depends on having an X.509 certificate issued by the UW Services Certificate Authority, which provides self-service certificate management for registered DNS contacts with a UW NetID.

Network Portal

The Network Portal provides self-service management for various UW network-related processes. Specifically, it allows users in designated contact groups to manage DNS names without the need to contact UW Network Operations for changes. 

You can access the Network Portal here:

To ensure that you have permission to request X.509 certificates and access other UW infrastructure services for your subdomain, you must be listed as a Network Contact for the domain. This is usually accomplished using a contact group associated with the domain.

Requesting a New Departmental UW Subdomain

If you do not have a subdomain under or, please follow the process outlined here to request one:


New subdomains must be approved by all of the following people and may take several weeks to complete:

  • Chair or head of the sponsoring department
  • Dean or Vice President of the sponsoring department
  • Vice President for UW Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Existing Departmental UW Subdomain

If your department has an existing subdomain, it will be used to create other DNS names for infrastructure services and applications under that subdomain.

As a Network Contact for the subdomain, you can manage DNS names using the Network Portal.


Your department needs a new DNS name for a new service and has an existing subdomain of ""

For the new service, use the Network Portal to create the DNS name ""

If you need to become a member of the contact group associated with a subdomain, reach out to one of the existing "admin" contacts in the group. Any "admin" contact can manage the contact group.

Additional Information

Documentation on the Network Portal is located here:

For questions or comments about the Network Portal, or to request contact groups, use the Contact Us icon at the top of the page inside the Network Portal.

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