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Status - December 5, 2015

This initiative is active, but with limited resourcing for coordination across individual projects.
This collection of materials represents work and resources related to preferred names across business domains.

Data Governance

  • Data Management Committee
  • Student Senate
  • Husky Card Advisory Committee
    • Meeting March/April 2016 – attendees support both the preferred (front) and legal name (back) on ID cards 
    • Meeting 2015-11-30 – discussed ID card as primary identification and uses of ID card (paycheck pick-up, proctored exams, policing, etc.)
    • Meeting 2015-08-27 – discussed whether or not to allow preferred name on ID card





Related Projects


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  1. Hi Nathan.  Please be sure to talk to the Advancement Services staff regarding preferred names.  They also track other names such as nicknames, names specific to a university notables such as the president, VP for advancement, deans, etc.  Advancement also tracks preferred joint mail names, formal and informal recognition names, prefixes, suffixes, name at registrar, etc.  Thanks!

    1. Hi Jaime. Thanks for the suggestion! We're definitely talking with Advancement about preferred names: with Walt for coordination across data custodians, and with others for specifics on the types of names they collect and use.