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Identity Registry event notifications are configured to post several types of notifications to Amazon SNS topics when various Registry data is added, modified, or deleted. This page describes how to request notifications. Identity Registry Event Notification Topics and Message Formats provides details on each topic.


Before making a request for Identity Registry event notifications, you must:

  • Have an Amazon account
  • Understand how to work with SNS topics and SQS queues
  • Have an SQS queue to receive Identity Registry messages
  • Set the permission/condition value of that queue to use the ARN for a supported SNS topic
  • Have software to receive and process SQS messages from your queue
  • The SNS notifications sent to your queue contain metadata about a change. You will need IRWS access to the appropriate resources to retrieve the changes.

Create Request

  1. Email with "Request to subscribe to Identity Registry event notifications" in the subject. Include the ARN for your SQS queue.
  2. IAM staff will add your queue to the requested topic.  That creates a "pending" subscription.
  3. AWS will send a message to your queue, with a confirmation URL. You can view this message with your API handler or on the AWS SQS console. Follow the link to confirm the subscription.
  4. You should start seeing Identity Registry event notifications in your queue.
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