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This page collects support documentation for Shibboleth Service Providers (SPs) that use the UW Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP). These documents are intended to help ease the learning curve for inexperienced SP operators and to provide references on UW-specific Shibboleth services and configurations. We don't intend to cover every possible SP application integration scenario, nor do we expect our documentation to replace the comprehensive and authoritative documentation provided by the Shibboleth project.

Shibboleth Project

  • Shibboleth Project Home
  • Shibboleth Documentation Wiki
  • Shibboleth Project Mailings Lists
    • Announce - Low traffic list for important announcements such as new releases and security advisories. All SP operators should join this list.
    • Users - High traffic list used for discussion of deployment issues. You might want to subscribe, but even if not the searchable list archives are valuable for troubleshooting. 
    • Dev - Used for discussion of development issues.

Installation Guides

Service Provider Registration Topics

Attribute Topics

Multi-site Configuration

Session Management Topics

Access Control Topics

Metadata Topics

Federation Topics

Client Transition Topics

Other Topics

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