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UW Information Technology provides a Token Authentication Service for access to more sensitive UW applications.



This higher-assurance authentication service provides authentication using Entrust tokens. It creates a "two-factor" authentication solution: where "something you know" – a password or PIN – is combined with "something you have" – a secure device that displays a secret value. A two-factor authentication system provides better security than a single-factor system (such as regular UW NetID + password authentication) because an attacker must obtain both the user's password and their device to impersonate them.

Token authentication is used for applications that require a higher level of authentication security. Primarily, these are central university administrative applications and functions.

Getting Started

Web-based applications can leverage token authentication by using Pubcookie or Shibboleth configured with the appropriate authentication type or session initiator, respectively.

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Contact if you have questions about the Token Authentication Service.

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