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This information is adapted from "UW Cert $ervice Goes Commercial (!$!)" presented at the June 30, 2011, UW Web Services Discussion Group meeting.

UW PKI History 1

  • C&C used to facilitate cert purchases for UW
    • stopped many years ago as market fragmented
    • so depts have been on their own in commercial cert marketplace ...
  • PKI: still waiting for Elvis moment ...

UW PKI History 2

  • 2002: PKI Planning Project
  • Many possible services:
    • secure email
    • document signing/encryption/archiving
    • code signing
    • user authentication (web, VPN, etc)
    • (Windows variations of all the above)
    • SSL certs

UW Services CA

  • X.509 certs for SSL/TLS
    • web (HTTP) servers
    • other servers: LDAP, IMAP/POP, ...
    • (HTTP) clients
    • UW-developed server, "standalone" root
    • started operations mid-2003
    • 8,000+ certs issued; 1,200 current
    • relies on UW DNS for hostname ownership, so issuance can be instantaneous

UW Services CA Issues 1

  • Supportable?
    • users get "untrusted site" warnings
    • browser root install can be pain, changes all the time
    • hasn't been a problem for UW-IT helpdesk;some departments have had trouble

UW Services CA Issues 2

  • Not usable for sites with many (non-UW) users
  • Not usable for non-UW-named sites
  • Risk in local code base ...
  • Client certs on Windows ...

InCommon Certificate Service

  • extension of InCommon trust services
  • make a deal with a Commercial CA to get flat rate on unlimited certs for HE customers
  • following lead of European HE, who have been doing this since 2005 or so
  • rolled out summer 2010
  • 100+ current customers

InCommon Cert Services

  • SSL certs, client and server
    • these are the obvious draw, and most used today
  • Extended Validation (EV) certs
  • Code-signing certs
  • "Personal" certs

UW Commercial Cert Use?

  • Exact numbers hard to get, but UW units spend at least $75K / year on commercial certs
  • InCommon price for UW-sized institution is $15K / year
  • So, what's not to like...?


  • UW-IT completed purchase of InC service a couple of weeks ago
  • will fold into standard UW-IT service bundle (i.e., no extra charge to depts)
  • SSL certs for all UW domains and subdomains
    • *, *, *, *, etc
    • also non-UW domains if UW ownership can be shown

InCommon Cert Service Benefits

  • $ave money
  • reduce SSL cert purchasing hassle
  • more certs for more sites
    • sites where current cost is a burden
    • non-UW-domain sites
  • better tracking / notification ?

It's a Free Lunch!

Image source:


  • InCommon + vendor relationship could go bad
    • 3-year contract might not be renewed
  • Vendor can have technical service problems, eg service outages / delays
  • Vendor can have fundamental problems

The Recent RA Compromise

Post-compromise ...

  • Comodo now performs human review of all cert requests, so issuance has gone from seconds to about 24 hours
  • Would OS/browser vendors ever remove a CA?


  • Comodo provides classic web UI for cert management
    • site admins delegate to dept admins ...
  • ... but UW CA gets value from relying on UW DNS for name ownership
  • Comodo also provides a web service interface
  • So current UW-IT plan is to make InCommon an option under existing UW Services CA web UI


  • Two CAs?
    • yes, for a while, maybe forever
  • some UW servers require UWSCA-issued client certs, would have to change to accept InC/Comodo
  • UW CA will probably always have faster turnaround
  • UW-IT will provide support info about which to choose

Beyond SSL certs?

  • Code-signing certs useful in some cases, probably handled specially
  • EV certs probably useful for some key websites (weblogin, ...)

Personal Certs?

  • personal certs remain appealing for user authentication, email, signing/encryption, etc
  • but barriers to use from 2002 haven't changed much; InC/Comodo service doesn't help much with those
  • some campuses are working on rolling them out ...

When when when?

  • Working on integration now, no firm date for rollout
  • Certs expiring in June? Get 'em the old-fashioned way
  • Certs expiring in a few weeks? Let us know ( and we'll see about getting them issued
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