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What is UW NetID Support?

UW NetID Support is a tool that allows computing support staff on the UW campus to view basic UW NetID settings, manage delegated OU permissions and manage UWWI settings for individuals who have authorized their support org.

How does it work?

As a Computing Support Org you create a workflow for the people you support to authorize access for your computing support org. Once they have authorized your Computing Support Org, computing support staff can use UW NetID Support to access basic UW NetID settings and manage the User's UWWI attributes.

How do I establish a Computing Support Org?

To request a Computing Support Org send mail to with the following information:

Subject: New Computing Support Org

I would like to request the following new Computing Support Org:

  Name:                    _Department Name_
  UW NetID:                _Desired UW NetID_
  Responsible Party:       _UW NetID of your department's computing director_
  Computing Support Staff: _UW NetIDs of support staff authorized to use this tool_
  Description:             _Description of your support group_
  Support Email Address:   _Support org email address_
  Phone Number:            _Support org phone number_
  Web Page:                _Support org web page_
  Delegated OUs:           _A list of the delegated OUs your support org has_


The UW NetID can be a shared UW NetID you already own or a new one. The name for the UW NetID must follow the same rules as any other shared departmental UW NetID.

How does someone authorize your Computing Support Org?

To authorize your Computing Support Org an individual should be directed to: NetID

where UW NetID is the shortname/ UW NetID of your support org.

It is up to you to determine how to distribute this information to your supported staff, whether it's to send email or post it on a "getting started" web page.

How do I know who is in the Computing Support Staff or has chosen my Support Org?

 Computing Support Staff for the Support Org can use the UW NetID Support tool to access this information. You can also access this information via the Groups Service by viewing the membership of:

  • u_netid_<support org>_support-staff for Computing Support Staff
  • u_netid_<support org>_auth-for-support for UW NetIDs which recognize this Support Org as supporting them.
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