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Current assignment of eduPersonAffiliation values in the chart below. Refer to the eduPersonAffiliation specification for more information.




UW faculty, staff, and students (per definitions below). Plus, retired faculty and staff.


UW undergraduate, graduate, and Professional and Continuing Education students who are enrolled in the current quarter or were enrolled in the previous quarter; also includes on-leave graduate students. Summer is considered a free quarter extension for students enrolled in Winter or Spring quarter.


UW faculty and staff members (per definitions and note below).


UW staff members, including undergraduate and graduate student employees, who are currently employed. (Refer to note below table for details.)


UW faculty members who are currently employed. (Refer to note below table for details.)


People who have graduated from the UW.


People who work on campus but are not working for the UW, i.e. contingent workers.
People who have applied for undergraduate or graduate school, i.e. student applicants.
People affiliated through the UW Development Office, who have not graduated from the UW.
People identified with UW Medicine, e.g. workforce members and affiliates who are not UW employees.
Other specific sets of people who have a UW NetID.

Note: employee affiliations based on UW HR processes in Workday include a grace period; therefore, former faculty, staff, and contingent workers lose these affiliations (above) 14 days after the related termination business process in Workday has been completed.