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Getting Started

Using Jira

With a valid UW NetID, you already have access to Most projects by default are set to be browsed by anyone in UW-IT, so you can poke around existing projects and see how other groups are using it. You may also be a member of a project, in which case you can make changes to issues within that project.

Project Creation

JIRA projects will only be created for UW-IT related projects

The easiest way to get a JIRA project is to fill out the Jira Project Creation Form. This will walk you through the creation of a Jira Project. After the Developer Tools Service creates your project, the person you designate as the Project Lead (probably you) will be the Administrator of that project. The main duties of a Project Administrator is to manage group membership and to maintain version information. Group membership is best handled externally via a Groups Web Service group. If you need assistance, please email

Additional resources

To get started using Jira and the GreenHopper plug-in for agile development, the following resources may be helpful.

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