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Here are some guidelines for using Jira at UW-IT

  1. Jira projects
    1. Project names should mirror the PMO project name, Service Catalog service name, and/or name of what you are versioning.
    2. All projects should belong to a project category, and category names should be meaningful.
    3. Current category names specify an organizational team or a program/product.
    4. Project keys must be unique, and should be as meaningful as possible, as they will be the prefix for all issues within that project. Project keys cannot be changed once the project is set up.

  2. Issues
    1. Titles should be informative
    2. The project team needs to determine which issue types to track as part of the project. Common issue types are Bugs and Tasks, and Agile projects also have Stories and Themes.
    3. The project team should agree upon the project issue workflow, such as when an issue is "In Progress" and when it is "Resolved". The default workflow is attached as an example.
    4. The project team should review the fields and understand how they should be used in their environment.
    5. If you are doing agile project development, you'll want to use the "Agile" capabilities provided by the GreenHopper plug-in for Jira.  These capabilities may also be useful for non-agile project planning.
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