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Welcome to the Jira wiki space

Jira is an issue tracking and project tracking tool for software development teams that we purchased from Atlassian.  Our Jira installation also uses GreenHopper, an add-on from Atlassian that is generally used for agile project management, but offers benefits even to projects not using the agile methodology.

This space contains tools to help you use the UW-IT Jira Service.  You can find information to help you get started, use Jira, and to get help.

Quick Links:

Using Jira

Getting Started - how to access Jira, create a project in Jira, and access Atlassian's documentation.
Getting Help - where to ask questions about how to use Jira, add a project, request a new Jira plug-in, or report a problem or a bug.
Creating a Jira Project - request form for creating a new project in Jira
Guidelines - UW-IT recommendations for creating Jira projects and issues
JIRA and UW Connect - When to use them - When it is appropriate to use Jira and when it is appropriate to use UW Connect
Jira Frequently Asked Questions - Common problems encountered by UW-IT users of Jira
Jira Update History - A list of major updates to UW-IT's installation of JIRA
Jira Add-Ons and How to Use Them - A list of plugins currently offered through UW-IT's JIRA instance

Help for Jira Project Administrators

Jira Project Administrator Duties - What you will encounter as a project administrator
Agile Projects - How to set up an agile project in Jira
Creating a Jira Project - request form for creating a new project in Jira