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Jira Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why can't I assign issues to myself? This means that you are not set up as a developer for that project. Talk to your project lead or one of your project administrators to make sure you have the Developer role for that project.
  2. Why can't I assign issues to another user? This can either mean that the user is not set up as a developer, as above, or that you are using a UW Group and Jira hasn't synced that user with their new groups. This will probably be improved in the future, but can presently be gotten around by having the user log in to Jira, by sending a note to to have the users added manually, or by adding the user individually in addition to adding the group. This last  method fails if the user has never logged in to jira.
  3. How do I change the columns in the Task Board? There are two common Task Board workflows employed at UW-IT:


    Changing between these can be done without the intervention of a JIRA administrator. A project administrator will have the Configuration menu item in their Tools section, and from there they can change the appearance and behavior of their issue workflow.
  4. Can I allow non-UW people access to my project? It is possible to grant federated access to any project by adding that user's EPPN to any UW Group employed by your project. There are currently no federated partners enabled. Inquire with about the possibility of adding one.
  5. Why don't links to JIRA work from Office or Excel? Access to Jira is secured with the shibboleth method of weblogin. Any site secured in this manner will break due to erroneous internal handling by Word and Excel (verified for Office 2007). The only workaround appears to be to copy and paste the link into your browser. See for further description of the problem.
  6. Why do I get an error telling me "no transitions were found" when dragging issues between columns? An example of this occurring looks like this:
    Some projects may have been set up incorrectly either by a project administrator or by the Jira team. Feel free to report the problem to and we can fix it for you.
  7. My name or email address are incorrect. How can I change them? Jira looks at directory information that you can set through Employee Self Service. The benefit to using this method is that other applications can use this information also. In some cases we can manually set this information directly in Jira. Send mail to to have this happen.
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