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Production Readiness Checklist

Production Readiness Checklist (Excel)


Production Readiness Checklist

The Production Readiness Checklist outlines the list of criteria needed from a project before a major release is deployed in the production environment (e.g. software upgrades, new application deployments, or as determined by the project sponsor and/or production support manager). It is the responsibility of the project manager to gather the information and conduct a Production Readiness Review before the release. The list is to be used as a guide. It may be modified by the project manager with the approval of the sponsor particularly for smaller projects.

Production Readiness Review

The production readiness review process ensures the readiness of a major release before it is put into production.


The inputs recommended for the production readiness review include:

  • Hardware requirements
  • End user device requirements
  • Performance requirements
  • Support requirements
  • Architectural review
  • Security review
  • Completed test plan
  • User acceptance
  • User guide
  • Helpdesk documentation
  • Installation guide
  • Implementation plan
  • Customer communication plan
  • Operations guide
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Standards (when applicable)


The outputs desired from the production readiness review include:

  • Completed production readiness review checklist
  • Production readiness recommendation



Responsible Party


Following the Project Charter signoff, establish what information on the Production Readiness Review Checklist will be needed for the Readiness Review Process

Project manager, Project Sponsor, Production Support Manager


Propose project implementation date

Project manager


Schedule time on the appropriate review board(s)* meeting agenda for Readiness Review two weeks prior to proposed implementation date

Project manager


Complete Readiness Review Checklist for Review Meeting

Project manager


Distribute and review Readiness Review Checklist with Readiness Review Team members

Project manager


Facilitate Readiness Review Meeting

Project manager


Recommendation (go/no-go)

Readiness Review Team(s)


If "Go", prepare for Change Management or Team Implementation Process

Project manager


If "No Go", complete missing information and start process over

Project manager

  • Note: It is up to the project manager and project sponsor to determine the appropriate people and/or groups who should be included in the final Readiness Review discussions. Options include, but are not limited to, project team members, key customers, the AIT (Application Infrastructure Team) and the CSRB (Client Services Review Board).