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  • Agenda for November 13th 2007
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Agenda Items - Draft

  • Introduction of New Members
  • Summarization of Oct. 18th Meeting
    • Defining the Problem
    • Short-term plan
    • Goals for the Web Council including the smaller (task force) groups
  • Steering Committee membership
  • Web Council mission statement
  • Presentation of University of Nebraska-Lincoln approach
    • What can we take away?
  • 1-year goal, 3-year goal, 5-year goal
    • How do our goals align with the UW strategic plan?
    • How can we leverage existing groups (Collaboration Tools Task Force)
    • What specific steps will bring us towards resolution?
  • Finalize agenda for big meeting
    • Information needed from big group (where are their pain points?)
    • Get involved! Groups available for signup
    • Advertising: techsupport, uwweb list, others?

Example Planning:

The following is a draft and should in no way be taken as a literal representation of any actual future plans.

5 year

  • Review system, identify next 80%

3 year

  • Consistent, flexible brand - consistent yet departments remain uniquely identifiable
  • UW Supported CMS, meets goals of integration with existing, supported systems
  • Flexible architecture, departments can still be independent without feeling outside the system
  • System aligns with UW Strategic Goals

1 year

  • Publishing Standards
  • Identify areas to 'templify' (Home page, administrative units, etc)
  • Template - have a design contest involving students?
  • Moving forward, what can solve 80% of the pain points?
  • Identify Pass/Fail criteria, finalize goals and answer: what do we want it to do?

3 month (fire fighting)

  • Steering Committee to keep small groups on task (Done!)
  • Bring back the webguides - find existing, review, update, distribute
  • Help desk resources (how to make a quick content edit using currently supported tools)
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