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  • Aug. 27, 2008, meeting
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Welcome, quick announcements

10:30-10:35, Gina Hills

  -- The full Web Council is now meeting monthly and the Steering Committee will meet ever other month. Upcoming topics are Google Analytics (October), Accessible design (November), Public records (December or January). Web security also is on the list and might be scheduled sooner.

 -- Next full Web Council Thursday, Sept. 18, 10:30-Noon, Odegaard 220. What computer/Web services make sense to be served centrally at the UW? Moderated conversation among UW Web professionals, followed by Q&A. Guest: Scott Mah, Associate VP, UW Technology

 -- SafeCampus: Web banners will be a key part of upcoming SafeCampus communications, and HR is devising a strategy to make them available to us for our Intranets to educate and inform our internal audiences. They plan to roll this out in November. Questions, ideas or requests for banners can be sent to Kimberly Mishra, kmishra@u. Reputation Building Initiative

10:35-11:15, Tricia Thompson and Key Nuttall

    What is it, why does it matter and what role will Web professionals play in building the university's reputation? This initiative has been under way for a year and is now moving toward the exciting implementation stage. If there are lots of Q's and A's and this runs over, the SEO folks will give an abbreviated presentation and we'll schedule them for a more in-depth session later. 

**Note: Didn't have time for this. Will reschedule:

Search Engine Optimization

11:20-Noon, Ann Whitney and team

  They will share quick tips and tricks about Search Engine Optimization, a precursor to more detailed SEO sessions scheduled for subsequent meetings. If there's time, this Working Group also plans on going over Google custom search and subscribed links.

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