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  • Meeting Notes from September 18, 2008
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What Web services make sense to be served centrally at the UW? What common needs do Web folks have across all three campuses? What role could/should UW Technology play in supporting the growing and increasingly important UW Web? The Sept. 18 meeting was a moderated discussion is an attempt to crystallize thinking around common Web needs at the UW, with an eye toward finding common solutions, eliminating redundancy, benefiting from economy of scale and, in the final analysis, being more efficient, cost-effective and productive. Scott Mah, Associate Vice President, UW Technology, was the council's guest for the meeting.
(Click on Attachments to see the powerpoint that listed the Web Council Steering Committee's talking points for the meeting.)

Topic Questions, Comments, Suggestions raised during the meeting:

  • What should be centralized?
  • Are we just trying to play catchup with technology?
  • Re-inventing the wheel without money?
  • Cost Sharing of Technology instead of providing a one-size fits all solution
  • Timeline for Action?
  • Centralized Calendar versus Data Sharing via Hooks
  • Utilizing Cloud Hosting and Services
  • Recommend Development of Hooks, not specific Technology
  • Make data entry process quicker and centralized, don't make people go to 17 different sites to do it
  • Economies of scole when possible, i.e. Server Hosting or administration
  • Access to resources with alternative means other than UW Net ID
  • Where does the money come from to make services available?
  • There are two camps here, developers and editors
  • Current Authorization Scheme expandable between NetID and Shibb
  • Catalyst Tools Available
  • For CMS in use by different departments, make templates available for various systems
  • As needs arise, so does the infrastructure
  • Smaller Deparments can't afford dedicated web personal or tools
  • Requested: survey of campus needs, resources and types of users
  • Higher security needs for certain departments
  • Better way to safeguard data in the Cloud hosting world
  • Making Technical Strike teams available to departments
  • iSchool students recommended for certain tasks
  • Old C&C model vs Creative Services
  • Currently if departments can't afford a certain technology, most just live without
  • UW Technology could help work out the billing of the Technical Strike Teams
  • How to make community resources available outside the silos
  • Use WASP as a model
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