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  • Minutes from April 30, 2008
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Upcoming general Web Council Meeting 

Next full web council meeting
 will be in OUGL 220  Fri May 30th, 11 a.m.

     Agenda for full council meeting

  • Cheryl Nations with logo committee - main speaker
  • Tony Chang - social networking

Working Group updates 

Intranet working group - looking at UWIN and MyUW.   also looking at departmental intranets
next meeting:  May 8, 10 am Gerb 26

Web CMS group - had first meeting, will post notes.   A survey would be helpful (next steps for group)

Aggregation Service 

Meltwater News - Marketing is testing an aggregated news service for UW stories
for 20 users, less than $2K/feed
Medicine has a feed now, which they are renewing, but they could open separate channels for other depts
We could have a presentation for interested users

Development uses a Google feed
Tacoma uses a feed parser

Other Announcements

University iTunes page going up May 1

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