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  • Minutes from March 21, 2008
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Additions are welcome! 

 New Wiki Space

  • Set up a new wiki space for UW Web
  • Will include mission statement
  • List of working groups

Access controls for the UW Wiki Space:

  • View by anonymous (public)
  • Edit by steering committee (with exception of resource pages)
  • Comment by authenticated (public)

Working Groups

  • Some working groups have wiki/web sites now - we'll link to them
  • Some working groups will need a wiki space.   We can set up up in, or they can use
  • Working groups are welcome to use the Project Management Toolkit

Advertising the UW Web Council

  • OnTechNews gets broad coverage
  • techsupport and appdev mailing lists

Steering Committee

  • Working group leaders will be invited to join the steering committee
  • The steering committee will meet monthly
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