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  • Minutes from November 13th 2007
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Mission statement: add something about the user.    Draft statement is:

The University of Washington Web Council's mission is to set the highest standards and best practices for the UW's Web presence, to foster collaboration and cooperation, and to share resources and expertise in making the Internet at the University of Washington indispensable and accessible to all.

Web council: nuts and bolts about the web - standards, best practices, templates, systems.  
Web marketing group will handle marketing work.

Steering committee - agreed to limit representation to one person from each school/college.

Nebraska model - group on campus met to come up with design standards and system 
  500 people on committee
  50 design submissions
 Their central web team enforces standards.   Supported by chancillor.  Supported one CMS - departments
 could do their own, but need to implement the standard templates.

We will seriously consider the Nebraska model (the unified look) but no decision has been made.

Reputation building initiative underway now.   Talking to deans, dept heads.   Deciding what
 our brand is.   What are the needs at the UW for branding?

Proposed working groups:
 Editorial - audio, video, stylebooks
 User - personas, scenarios, testing
 Web analytics

The campus-wide meeting will be held after the beginning of the year.

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