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  • Minutes from October 18 2007
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Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2007

  • Steering Committee to keep small groups on task
  • Instead of an uber-committee, break out into smaller work groups
  • Bring back the webguides
  • Start publishing standards
  • Review the CMSes out there

Defining the problem

  • Search - a constant problem; no matter the content or CMS, need a functional search
    • Better search technology would return better results
    • Search solution should be able to go outside of CMS; related, but not dependent

Goals for Web Group

  • What is the mission statement of this group, the web content steering committee?
    • Addressing top issues: search, consistency of sites, interoperability, branding (how we brand ourselves as a university, imposition of a style),

Content Group

  • Search
  • Templates
  • Interoperability
  • Internal/External View

Documentation Group

  • Inventory Web Guides
  • Update
  • Advertise

System Group

What Other Universities Are Doing? (Nebraska Model)

  • Got buy-in from bottom first; then buy-in from top
  • Created Style Guide
  • Decided to support one CMS, that's it
  • Create template - you can do whatever you want
  • 15 point checklist before publishing - fail 1 point, page denied publishing
  • 50 different departments to submit designs
  • Centralized Web Team
    • Designer
    • Developer
    • Etc

University of Calgary

  • Brought together Technical Folks with External Relations
  • Created a set of templates for branding; key goal of simplifying publishing
  • Created style guide, training & support


  • How does this combine with the Collaboration Tools Task Force?
  • How to set up timelines for our goals?
  • Where are we in 5 years?
    • Consistent, flexible brand?
    • UW Supported CMS?
  • Template - have a design contest involving students?
    • Team could identify areas to 'templify' (Home page, administrative units, etc)


  • UW Marketing is actively working on a new branding through an outside consultant
  • Should be ready to go in the Spring/Summer
  • UW Marketing to create website soon with presentations

Next Steps

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