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  • Minutes from September 25th 2007 kickoff
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Content Updating 

  • Many users don't have the skills to update their websites
  • Gina is training people do do html by hand, but it's not a good solution for the long-term


  • Many departments can't afford to run a CMS.

Approaches to the Problem

  • Find a suitable tool (after goals and requirements)
  • In the meantime, find people to help update current web sites.  Possibly an informal help desk?
  • Central office for content management - (not C&C-led, but C&C supported)
    • support for best practices
    •  taxonomy
    • metadata
  • What is the quickest win?
  • What are the goals?  (need to be measurable)  How do we know we are enhancing collaboration?   Or maybe are people able to create and maintain their public web sites?
  • What is the 5-year plan?
  • Identify the requirements for the system

 Best Practices

Naming Conventions 

  • What naming conventions should we recommend?
  • Are their recommended directory structures?

Site Consistency

Central information used to describe university (everybody rolls their own now).  A standard marketing package.

Compliance ownership / enforcement

Every site needs an identified owner.

Clear guidelines on what should be public vs private

Decommissioning old sites

  • guidelines for when to remove
  • inventory of obsolete pages
  • pruning of obsolete pages 


  • We should share best practices, technology, and resources where possible. 

System Requirements 

  •  Content updates should be easy for the end user

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