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This Steering Committee represents major stakeholders across the Seattle campus, as well as Web representatives from Bothell and Tacoma.  The Steering Committee works to ensure communication on common issues throughout the UW Web community, track progress of the UW's Reputation Building Initiative, get updates on the progress of working groups, adjust working group topics as warranted and generally to facilitate continuity and collaboration throughout the UW Web.

 2009 Web Council meeting dates: Feb. 19, March 19, April 23, May 21, June 18, July 23, Aug. 20, Sept. 17, Oct. 22, Nov. 19, Dec. 17. All Thursdays, 9-10:30. Odegaard, 220

Topics for future meetings, with presentations by Web Council Working Groups and UW Tech SIGs, include:

Videos/multimedia: The 4 T's: tips, tricks, tools, tactics -- and more.
Mobile Web: What we can do to address the explosion in smart phones/mobile devices?
Content:  From concept to writing, how to develop Web savvy content.
Taxonomy:  High-level categorization, metadata, etc. Tips, tricks, tools, tactics - and more.

 Note that the Reputation Building Initiative will roll out in throughout 2009 and 2010. This will include new Web designs, messaging, style guides, etc. We will keep the UW Web community apprised of the RBI rollout schedule, progress, etc. via Web Council meetings and the mail list as appropriate. 

 Steering Committee

  • Admissions, Paula Shields,; Paul Ahlstrom,
  • Arts and Sciences, Shane Fricks,
  • Athletics, Brian Tom,
  • Bothell-technical, Russell Burns,
  • Bothell-content/design, Jason Beard,
  • Business, L.A. Smith,; backups Jocelyn Milici,, Paul Gibson,
  • Creative + Communications, Nigel Heinsius,; backup: Brian Vogt,
  • Educational Outreach, Ann Vandor,; Steve O'Brian,
  • Engineering, Al Brower,
  • External Affairs/Marketing, Gina Hills,; backup Jeff Hendrickson,
  • Finance & Facilities, Dan Druliner, druliner at you dub dot edyou
  • Health Sciences, Ann Whitney,
  • Human Resources, Bruce Miller,
  • ISchool, Ryan Ositis,
  • Law, Nancy Shawn,; backup Shari Ireton,
  • Libraries, Jennifer Ward,
  • Medicine, Eric Tognetti,; Rita Johnson,
  • Tacoma-content, Brian Anderson,;  backup is Mike Wark,
  • Tacoma-technical, Kris Symer,, backup is James Woods,
  • Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Matt Harris,  
  • University Advancement / Alumni Association, John Burkhardt,
  • University Advancement / UW Foundation, Ryan Hagg,
  • UW Technology, Rick Ells,

Working Group Leaders who also sit on the Steering Committee

  • Accessibility, Rick Ells,
  • Digital Media,  Andre Tan,
  • Public records, John Burkhardt,
  • Web Services, Tony Chang,
  • Style Guides,  Jeff Hendrickson,; Chris Heiland,
  • WASP (web security), Eliot Lim,
  • Web analytics and metrics, Mark Stewart,
  • Web marketing, e-communications, Elise Daniel,
  • Other working group leaders are also representing units (above)
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