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Here are some of the meeting topics Web Council participants suggested in a fall 2009 survey:

- Web resource groups around campus to potentially get involved with 

- Web resource groups in the community to get involved with 
- Educational resources (i.e. best place for design classes, what's offered through UW extension) 

- People's favorite web development tools (i.e. firebug vs. web developer extension, rss creation tool, code versioning- subversion)

 - Good and challenging experiences with Content Management Systems.

 - CMSs, accessibility guidelines, details on the hosting options (e.g., UA accounts or ASP/Microsoft options, etc.)

 - Social networking, Web analytics (what resonates & what doesn't on the UW home page and on our Web site in general)

 - Web services, campus APIs, etc.

 - Wouldn't mind some sort of forum for project review and critique. This isn't a topic, really, and might be something that would happen in addition to Council meetings. 

 - I think it would be helpful to have regular updates on the UW website. 

 - For the non-content producers, pure designers, or PMs -- where is the front-end engineer/developer/architect focused group for hashing out topics like: 
* development server infrastructure issues 
* platform-wide development best practices (ex. running php, ruby/rails or python/django efficiently on the cluster) 
* more powerful, scalable search (Apache Solr vs. mysql's simple full-text engine) 
* memcached (can't cache to the file system, caching to mysql is expensive, and sometimes you just want a key-value store) 

I keep finding myself running into what I would perceive as core-infrastructure issues like these that should be solved to the benefit of every UW web producer/application/etc but I'm not sure where to start those discussions.

--university-wide resources for cash-strapped depts. (for example, any available image resources, etc.) 
--case studies(question) on how schools/depts. handle webwork (ie, dedicated webmaster, outsourcing, web committees, etc.) 
--tutorials (maybe? not absolutely necessary but if anyone's done a great flash design for their site, etc.)

1. Best practices for workflow, back-ups, "staffing" department websites. 
2. Metrics (again. i missed last time). 
3. Using, developing, sharing (UW or other) code libraries. 
4. Intranets, info management, asset management. 
5. Future of web development: Dreamweaver verses CMS.

1. Google Analytics - best practices, etc. 
2. Updates about UW Web redesign and improvements 
3. Social media/networking updates or case studies of successes at UW 
4. New Web features - like you've done and do 
5. Update on UW campus map feature - i.e., when will data be sync'ed so buildings are all correctly mapped?

- Accessibility. 

- Well, we could do specifics on guts of IIS 7.5 or Apache. How to improve usability. You guys are doing a good job already.

- Branding, security, new applications

- UW standards & best practices for web development, content management, web communications, etc. 
- Virtual meetings/conferences. How to set them up, how to stream and archive them on the web.

- calendaring, scheduling,

 UW policy compliance, file sizes, mobile browser usability.

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