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"Working together to make the University of Washington Web the standard by which all others are measured."

2019 Meeting Schedule

Time: 9-10:30 a.m.

Location: Odegaard 220


    • Jan. 10
    • Feb. 14
    • March 7
    • April 4
    • May 2
    • June 6
    • Sept. 5
    • Oct. 3
    • Dec. 5

General contact:

September 2019

Livestream recording

Looking for a little inspiration for the start of another school year? Courtney Coster and Elise Perachio from UMAC will share some ideas for how to welcome this year’s new and returning students. Let’s make it a great #HuskyExperience!

Campus climate survey: Meg Matthews will update us on what it is, why it’s a big priority for the University and how we need your help.

It's about dam time: How three schools and UMAC came together to tell a story of hydropower and food security in Cambodia. Joe Eastham and colleagues from the College of the Environment will present.

Security shorts: You’ve seen the little green padlock on your browser’s address bar, but do you know what it really means? Pete Graff will take you on a quick tour of browser encryption, certificates, and how they make browsing safer (most of the time).

June 2019

Livestream recording

Thom's Word on the Street
Thom Thorpe will tantalize us with promises of a summer happy hour. Don't get too excited, folks. There won't be free beverages, but Thom does promise to buy us all fries.

DrupalCon 2019 Recap
Three members of the UW Drupal users group will summarize the top trends and takeaways from the annual conference held in Seattle last April. 

CMS Update and Migration 
Lauren Caple and Morgen Nilsson will give a brief update on the CMS upgrade project. The project will bring the UW's main website CMS up to date running on current technologies. 

“Storytelling with Data” by Cara Giacomini
This presentation melds content from a series of workshops Cara delivered for EDUCAUSE, a national Higher Ed IT organization, on “Storytelling with Data” and insights from her recent publication on how to “Start Smart with Data.” This presentation focuses on ensuring that the data you provide offer insights to enable organizational change. It will offer practical tips and candid lessons on how to align what you are measuring to a strategic plan, utilize storytelling elements to connect with your audience and build momentum to move forward. 

May 2019

Livestream recording

Prototyping websites in
Dan Druliner, web developer for UMAC, will demonstrate how you can build prototype websites and evaluate web technologies such as markdown, emmet, SCSS, Bootstrap, Boundless, Javascript and jQuery using the prototyping website

Wi-Fi hygiene
Peter Giles, senior developer and data analyst in the office of CISO, will provide tips to help keep your portable devices sparkling clean on the road and in the neighborhood.

Word on the Street
Thom Thorpe will give us a rundown of the latest and potentially greatest in the UW web world.

April 2019

Digital Storytelling: Preparing and Pitching Stories
Chelsea Yates, assistant director of publications in the College of Engineering, will cover digital storytelling from a unit’s perspective: where they find stories, how they include photography to make them visually interesting, how they consider strategic positioning, and how they successfully pitch them to the UMAC Editorial Board and other teams. She will be joined by Jamie Swenson, assistant director of content in UMAC, who will talk about the Editorial Board’s process for considering pitches for the many central channels it represents. 

Security Short: An Overview of Password Managers
Pete Graff from the Office of the CISO will provide a brief overview of password managers—what they do, why you should consider using them, and some features to consider when choosing one among the many currently available.

Word on the Street 
Thom is back with another jam-packed presentation filled with all of the information you could ever want. Well, that's a bit much - let's just say some of the information you might want. (Yes, he wrote that for last month.)

March 2019

The new Transportation Services website
The web team from UW Facilities will show off their new Transportation site, including what worked, what didn't and why you can never go wrong with icons.

TechConnect sneak peek
TechConnect is right around the corner!  Our colleagues from UWIT will give us a little insight into the day's events and how you can participate.

Husky Giving Day 
Jacob Kelly and Priscilla McGraw will present about the upcoming Giving Day and how you and your teams can help promote and participate in this event.

Updates to our platform
Lauren Caple and Morgen Nilsson will announce some work they are doing to update's WordPress themes, plug-ins, and infrastructure.

Word on the Street 
Thom is back with another jam-packed presentation filled with all of the information you could ever want.  Well, that's a bit much - let's just say some of the information you might want.

February 2019 agenda

Making the School of Law Immersive with the Tulalip Tribes
Collaboration is an integral part to every immersive story we've produced over the past few years, but we wouldn't have been able to tell this particular story without building a relationship with members of the Tulalip Tribes. Each step of the process was a lesson in developing our equity lens. Lauren Lee, associate creative director in University Marketing and Communications, will take us through the steps we took to ensure we were telling this story equitably and with the support of our partners in Tulalip and around campus.  

WPCampus Online Conference 2019 Recap
Teri Shelton, front-end web developer in UMAC, will briefly recap the WPCampus online conference from January 31, including lessons learned and takeaways from two Gutenberg case studies, an update on the Gutenberg accessibility audit, and a really cool accessibility style guide.

Thom's Word on the Street 
Thom Thorpe, director of web strategy in UMAC, has persevered through endless meetings, listserv emails and other forms of information gathering to bring you a comprehensive roundup of current happenings, noteworthy endeavors and even a few job openings at the University. 

Take a minute to get to know each other
In honor of Valentine's Day, we will spend some time getting to know each other a bit better. In this speed networking session, we will pair off for two-minute sessions. Take a literal minute to introduce yourself and share the most challenging or fun project you're engaged in at the UW. 

January 2019 presentation slides

Developing An Equity Lens—The Images We Choose
Leilani Lewis from OMAD and Meg Matthews from UMAC on how visual messages can convey inclusion or exclusion to marginalized groups.

Web Security Shorts: "A Healthy Skepticism for Browser Extensions"
Zephyr McLaughlin from CISO presents the next installment in the series.

Word on the Street
Including a recap of the 2018 Internet Trends Report

December 2018 presentation slides

Crisis communications at the UW
Victor Balta, senior director of media relations, will give us an update on UW Alert and crisis communications at the University of Washington.

Scroll-stopping videos on social media
Jacob Kelly, UMAC’s social media digital strategist and community manager, and Rebecca Gourley, editorial assistant in UW News, will share best practices for creating scroll-stopping videos for social media.

UW Insider case study
Caitlin Grady, UMAC's internal communications specialist, will share insights from the launch of UW Insider -- the UW’s flagship weekly newsletter to all faculty and staff. Learn how the newsletter was developed, how they’re using Marketo’s advanced features and what’s next for the publication.

“Word on the Street”

General Information

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