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About Us

The Web Analytics and Metrics working group's mission is to establish an enterprise view of UW web stats usage and metrics. The intent is that the group will serve as a hub for accumulating knowledge about how web stats have been by various campus units. From this, the group can come up with a set of best practices and recommendations.

As a decentralized organization, there are varied approaches to understanding web traffic. Some of the tools used include Urchin, Google Analytics and Webalizer. We hope to learn some the the positive and negative aspects of each approach. We also want to share ways in which web analytics are reported and influence policy decision.

Web Metrics Mailing List

Sign up for the UW mailman list to discuss web analytics at UW:

Get Involved

The working group is open to anyone who works with or has interest in web analytics and metrics at the University of Washington. To get involved, sign up for the Web Metrics mailing list. We'll post info about meetings to this wiki as well as the mailing list.

First Meeting:
Took place Thursday, June 12 at 1 p.m. Frank Fujimoto gave a presentation on stats.
Attendees: Mark Stewart (chair), Frank Fujimoto, Cris Ewing, Paul Bugni, Teggy Maris, Paul Fontana, Robyne Curry, Heather Larson
    - View the meeting minutes
    - View Frank's stats presentation

Second Meeting:
Tentatively planned for late July. Stay tuned for more information.


UW's Urchin Stats for www - must be web developer to acces:

Web stats at UW (information about Webalizer):

Stats programs:

Urchin information page:

Google Analytics (free tool that uses javascript to track traffic):


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