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  • Web Council - August 21, 2014
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Ignite presentations

  • Effective user personas – Christine Tawatao  from University Libraries shared how user personas can help create good Web content and shape the entire user experience of your site.
  • Dev of one – A full team of Web professionals is a luxury almost no unit on campus can afford. Often, all things digital fall to one person whose job title might range from Web “Manager/Developer/Specialist” but really should be “Unicorn.” Ben Erickson of the UW Alumni Association shared some situations we all might face and strategies to cope.

UW brand update

Alanya Cannon from University Marketing & Communications gave an update on the UW brand refresh and what assets will be available soon.

Arts and Sciences Department Web Framework - Presentation Slides (PDF)

Shane Fricks, Morgen Nilsson and Heather Wozniak from the College of Arts and Sciences presented their approach to building websites for academic units. They currently support 16 departments from the humanities, arts and social sciences, with several more units scheduled to join their Drupal-based framework this coming year. They gave a high-level overview of their service, demoed some sites, and shared lessons learned about effectively supporting multiple clients.

Mobile Minute

A monthly snapshot from the mobile world.

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