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  • Web Council - June 2014
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Brand update - slide deck 
Alanya Cannon, Director of Brand Management,, 206-616-5535
  • Brand pyramid: Contains brand promise, this is where we frame our brand messages
  • Creative testing: multi-state, feedback coming in early July. Using this to make decisions as how to move the brand forward.
  • Concepts: "Transformation", "We Believe", looking to create a genuine, authentic voice.
  • Visual Identity: Colors, fonts, etc. being developed right now.
  • Building the Voice: Messages, tone, editorial personality
  • Tools: Rolling out in August and going forward (Brand Portal), more tools for video, social media, e-newsletter tools, event tools, web header and footer wizard, plus all the basic tools you'd expect.
  • Brand Rollout happens in the fall.
  • New photo database: Housed on Smugmug, rolling out in August, more curated and thematic, seasonal groupings, more searchable, simplified, Pride Points will be part of this database too.
  • Event photos are on Flickr, Alanya accepts photo submissions from units, there are rules for tagging and metadata on the photos for searchability.
  • Contact Alanya anytime with questions

Kilian Frey: UW Web Team
  • UW Web Components...building towards consistency
  • style guide, Wordpress and Drupal templates, documentation
  • CSS, script file,
  • UW Standard slideshow
  • Standardized video player, HTML5, YouTube
  • Accordion navigation
  • check boxes and radio buttons, Flight UI toolkit, Bootstrap friendly
  • Search box, forms, pagination
  • Consistent iconography, might not work with IE8 so thinking of alternative
  • files will be downloadable within Brand Portal, hosted on Amazon servers
  • Releasing in July/August

  • All features are accessibility-compliant
  • Leaning toward slab serif headline font, sans serif body copy font
  • we will have standardized social media glyphs as well

Tim Crandley, Program and Operations Manager, - slide deck
  • Started in 2010
  • This tool was built to deal with a time-intensive IT request process
  • Handles multiple data sets
  • Has multiple filter types
  • reports can be checked out and extended
  • Fast, in-memory database
  • Customizable queries
  • Search queries
  • Composite Query--all queries on one screen, focused on speed, very quick
  • Advance database dumps into Michelangelo
  • Map-bases Queries
  • Publication filter, scraped publication data for people's names, provides useful data for the database,
  • Extending the results can be combined and remove duplicates, subtract and match functions too
  • Two layers of security to protect confidential information
  • won a national CASE award

Mobile Minute
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