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  • Web Council - September 23, 2010
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Web Council September 23, 2010

  • College of Engineering Invention - David Atcheson
    • CoE has added RSS feeds to their pages but wanted control in how they
      were formatted.
    • Using Yahoo Pipes (, a feed aggregator and
      manipulator, to customize feeds from UW Departmental Calendar
      • Yahoo Pipes gives you a non-programming method for manipulating RSS
      • When someone adds an event to the UW Calendar and checks the Engineering
        checkbox, the event will appear on the Engineering Departmental
        • UW Calendar now includes a current date plus 30 days option for
          selecting RSS feed items
      • By running through Yahoo Pipes, they can have dates appear at beginning
        of each event
  • UWTV Is Changing - Harry Hayward
    • Launching 4 new shows starting this month (see logos and titles )
      • Media Space - interview show with technology leaders
      • Roadtrip Nation - PBS show produced on East coast for several years,
      • Fostering Leadership - Leadership
      • UW | 360 - Magazine of interesting people and activities at the UW
        • May offer segments you can put on your pages (they may be about you)
        • Need stories to tell from all over campus, want to cover all points
          of campus
  • Model Release Form - Harry Hayward
    • New release form has been developed
    • Working toward a single model release everyone can use
      • Old model release was getting out of date, things have changed
      • The new release has been review by the UW Attorney General's office
    • When to use it
      • Two concepts of law
        • Right to privacy
        • FERPA protects students (need signature from parent for students 18 or
      • Trying collectively to adopt some rules of thumb on when to get a release
        • When in doubt whether a release is needed, have them sign a release
        • Facts of the photoshoot can determine if a release is needed
          • At newsworthy public event, and the pictures will be used as news,
            probably OK to use without a release
          • If talking to a specific person and putting it in commercial
            context, such as on your department page, get a release
          • Example: If featuring students at a Red Square event,
            they are identifiable (recognizable), and you intend
            to use the pictures on your Web site to show how good
            life is at the UW, get a release
      • Photos on the Marketing Photo Database
        all already have releases
      • Can you get releases in bulk? Have one form that everyone signs?
        • Not a good idea. A release is a contract; you want one for each person
  • School of Nursing Drupal Site - Aren Kaser, Lucian DiPeso, and Mark Squire
    • New Drupal based site will go public at the end of next week
    • Implemented Marketing templates in Drupal
      • Setting up build scripts that simplify installation and use of templates
        for anyone who wants to set up a Drupal site with the Marketing templates
      • Team wants to build collaboration among people using Drupal on campus
      • Using the same CSS system used on Home Page (based on BlueprintCSS library)
      • 63,000 files on site so far
      • Top three levels are on Drupal, lower pages will stay on old server
        for a while
    • Reasons for change
      • In past, all changes were done through IT group in Nursing, but
        site has become too large for that model.
      • Drupal allows setting up workflow and control of who can edit where
        based on UW NetID
      • The design includes content entry templates that allow selection
        of a variety of standard page layouts. Select a layout and
        form fields appear to enter headings and other information
        for the layout
      • Text notes are reusable anywhere on the site - maintain once, use many places
    • Nursing will also be launching a Sharepoint site later this Fall
  • Search Engine Optimization - Danny Dover
    • Powerpoint presentation: SEO: The Important Parts - At the request of the presenter, please keep this Powerpoint internal to the UW.
    • Dover works for SEOmoz (, has just completed
      a book titled Search Engine Optimization Secrets (due out December 2010)
    • SEOmoz is constantly studying what is happening in search engines
      • Reviewing patents
      • Exploring search engine ranking factors; search engines are constantly updated
      • Built Linkscape network inventory (
    • Current state of search
      • Google dominates
      • All Yahoo searches will soon be going through Bing soon
      • Many other search engines around the world; Baidu, Bhanvad, etc.
      • Majority of searches are not in US
        • Europeans do a lot more Mobile searches
      • In Google searches, advertisers can buy space at top and right, but
        most clicks are in the normal search results
      • Vast majority of clicks go to first results in the list of results
        • People generally do not go to the second page
    • Specific searches of general terms (i.e., "University of Washington")
      get more results, but the volume of small result (more specific) searches totals up to much more
    • Google's Mission - "To organize the world's information and make it
      universally accessible and useful"
    • Types of search
      • Many types of searches are now available
      • Blended search results - text, graphics, links
      • Blog searches
      • Local searches
      • Graphic searches
      • Scholarly searches
      • Many more
    • Dirty world of searches
      • Search for a phone number and you get the "Find out who owns this number"
        sites. The companies have purchased the strings (i.e., 425- etc.).
    • Components of Googles Ranking Algorithm
      • Popularity
        • All about links, ranks by what links to what, much more sophisticated
          than it used to be
        • Popularity calculated on both page level and domain level
      • Relevancy
        • People come to your site to find content
        • Anchor text (text within links) is important
          • Using "click here" as link text is a bad idea
      • Title (<title>) element text is given weight
        • Very important, at least so far
      • URLs
        • Include important keyword or phrase in URL (i.e.,
        • Friendly URLs, such as you set up in Drupal, are understood by search engines
        • URL shorteners (tinyURL) use a trick (301) to convey to the search
          engine what the full URL is.
      • Alt Text for images
        • Very high correlation to content of page, very useful for searches
        • Also helpful to disabled
        • Keep alt text succinct, not more than 140 characters, preferably 60
          or so characters
    • Maximum length of text strings
      • title 65 or so
      • Meta Description 156-178 characters
      • URL 150 characters
    • Relearning how you see the Web
      • Web is not a group of islands
      • The Web is actually a web, like Tim Berners-Lee said
    • Strategies
      • SEO pyramid in order of importance
        1. Most important: Accessible, quality content; unique text content,
          URL structure, XML Sitemaps, Server response codes
          • Spend most of your time on the content
        2. Keyword searching and targeting, Keyword brainstorming, term/phase selection
          be sure you are using the phrases people are looking for
        3. Link Building; manual requests and link creation, scalable,
          content-based link structure
          • Site structure is very important, especially for helping users
            find content on the site
        4. Social; on-site user engagement features, social media and viral
          • May become more important in the future
    • Videos
  • Tools and Templates - Gina
    • Marketing team has done some updating on header and footer code
    • Automatic update of dropdowns system is being created
    • Gina will send out email later this month on the changes
  • Next meeting October 21
    • New uniform Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, applies to everyone at UW
    • Hopefully we will have a panel on issue of workflow and approval
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