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  • Web Council Meeting - October 22 2009
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Web Council 10/22/09

New Header/footer Available Soon

  • Templating engine should be available in a week or so
  • Developing code within XDV - put all html into XHTML rendering engine
    • Can render technologies not specific to Plone
    • Could be used by someone on Drupal to flow design into Drupal

CMS Working Group Presentation

  • Ann Whitney
  • Cris Ewing -Radiology Chris Ewing
  • Kristina Bowman - Communications
  • LA Smith - UW Business School
  • Jason Beard - UW Bothell
  • Liz Diether-Martin Drupal (plus comments on Joomla)

Plone - Chris Ewing, Radiology, & Michael Dunlap, Health Sciences Libraries

  • Team maintained pages
  • Flexible business flow
  • Is Plone right for small sites with no technical support
    • NO
    • Requires some expertise and knowh how
  • Can make do with one webmaster
  • Good to separate CMS management from content management, different people
  • Hosting
    • Plone cannot be put on uniform access accounts, just do not have access
      to the right parts of the servers
    • If you can run your own servers
    • Radiology has launched hosting service,
      • Rent space on server cluster
      • Offer some consulting, skins, will keep in compliance with branding
  • Easy to get a site up and running out of the box
    • Python experience is easy for development
    • Very flexible, once you have the system in hand
    • Link integrity checking
    • Easily to copy and past content around in site
    • Look and feel is built in
  • Customizable
    • lots of addons
  • features
    • secure
    • integrates with pubcookie, ldap
    • easy to maintain, updates straight forward
    • power and simple workflow
    • live search results
    • rich text editing
    • JQuery built in
    • Makes readable URLs
    • multiple language support, addons for 40 languages
    • document editing and workflow history built in
      • rollback possible
      • accountability
    • link integrity built in
    • good books and documentation, great community support

WordPress - Kristina Bowman, Communications - Wordpress

  • Environmental journalism class wanted way for students to post content
    • students have author privileges
    • instructors have editorial privleges
  • is very similar
  • A lot of customization capability
  • Good for content changing rapidly
    • can do static sites
  • Kit if widgets
  • Can export content and put it in other systems if need be
  • Themes are interchangeable, somewhat
    • If choosing a theme, watch the discussions on that theme
    • Look to see if the developer is engaged with the discussion,
      that is good
  • Catalyst offers training for Wordpress
    • Really helps to get past the initial complications
  • Upgrades fairly straight forward

SharePoint - LA Smith, UW Business School

  • Best for collaboration sites, intranet
  • Microsoft looked at how SP could be used as a content management system
    • Created SharePoint Designer
  • Business wanted a internet site, and intranet site, and a student extranet
    site, all on one system (SharePoint)
  • In practice, is very useful content management system
    • can manage a whole lot of sites, each with a different look and feel
    • definitely need serious technical support
    • now running two different instances of SharePoint
  • Not recommended for small site without technical support
  • Excellent integration with MS Office products
  • Need sharepoint developers and sharepoint designers
  • A lot of great out-of-the-box features
  • rich after market
  • Allows content to be developed across multiple groups
  • Enabled central control of look/feel, navigation, some types of content
    • Freed local units to focus on their needs, purposes
  • Once it is set up, fairly easy to use
    • Huge amounts of information on SharePoint available through Microsoft,
      but more than most can comprehend
  • Serious skills needed to do updates, maintenance
  • Generally happy with it

Kentico - Jason Beard at UW Bothell

  • Not recommended for a small Web site
  • Closed source, .Net based
  • Support avaiable from the company, but it costs extra
  • Best for medium to large scale Web sites
  • A free version is available, but have not tried it
  • Development
    • Can write in C*sharp and Visual Studio
    • Also a Portal Engine that can do many tasks
    • Dramatically easier than past methods (Bricolage)
  • Managing text is easy
  • Easy for people to add, move, and delete pages (might be too easy)
  • Media Library feature- photos, easy to add to page
  • Regular minor version updates, major updates on longer timeline,
    about every two years
    • Hot fixes more frequently
  • Customization
    • Flexible
    • Can define editable regions
    • forums, analyticals,
    • Somewhat of a marketplace to buy addons
  • Maintenance
    • Hot fixes come out often
    • Not much experience yet
  • Features
    • Flexibility
    • Document tree, heirarchical; works well once you figure it out

Drupal - Dan Druliner, Finance and Facilities

  • sites elsewhere:,
  • moving all sites to Drupal
  • easy to add pubcookie
  • Very themeable, customizable
    • written in PHP, lot of modules available
    • modules are well integrated; calendar module and signup module work together
    • integrates with FCKeditor
  • Workflows can be built
  • can create groups
    • all using same theme template, includes setup for multi-site system
      • all sites can be upgraded in one operation
  • Drupal interest group:,
  • can be installed on many servers

Drupal - Liz Diether-Martin, College of Engineering

  • Had tried Joomla, not too flexible, many roadblocks; user roles
  • A year ago started looking into Drupal
    • Much easier to work with
    • granular control of what users can do; author, editor, publisher, and admin
    • revisions module, saves changes as a draft that can be reviewed before publishing
      • leaves trail of revisions
  • All free, including almost all modules
    • modules integrate well
    • can create friendly URLs
    • handles menus and breadcrumbs for you
  • Were not able to reuse content the way they expected
    • can do blocks, but constrained in how they can be used
  • using pubcookie and htaccess on page by page level


  • Using include files?
    • with Drupal can use PHP
  • UW Tech used Drupal
    • Very easy to define custom content types, set up way to enter the content
    • Easy to retrieve content out of the database
  • UW Tech offers SharePoint hosting
  • Mobile
    • UPenn has modules for Plone to support mobile access
    • Work on mobile access in Health Sciences
    • WordPress has a plug-in that does mobile devices
  • Drupal conference this weekend
    • Drupal database allows content to move content among databases
  • Providing stability and consistent service during updates
    • Plone runs on Zope Object Database, not an external database
    • Plone impervious to SQL injection attacks (fun to watch hackers try)
    • Plone should be run with clustering software to allow
      interruption free maintenance
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